IChemE & AOMG joint webinar assists RSPO

Category: News Published: Wednesday, 04 October 2017

The joint BESIG & POPSIG evening talk on Monday 18/9/17 held at Monash University Malaysia was “Introduction to Oleochemicals” by Qua Kiat Seng, AOMG Advisor and founder member of POPSIG. The talk was attended by 90 with about half of them undergraduates. Participating in the simultaneous webinar were also 73 people from around the world.

30 of the webinar participants were from Certifying Bodies (CB) who conduct audits for RSPO for players in the supply chain who are or want to be RSPO Supply Chain Certificate Holders. They wish to better understand oleochemical processes to carry out a good and informed audit of oleochemical players in the supply chain. The CBs were from Germany, Philippines, Japan, UK, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Netherlands, India, Greece, Belgium, Colombia, USA and France. There were also a few participants from the RSPO Secretariat as well as NGOs.

Ms. Alien ten Kleij, Certifier at Control Union Certification B.V. in The Netherlands said, “It was a good general presentation for beginners, and it gave a good overview of oleochemicals and their applications. We in Europe don't have so many clients who are RSPO certified and processing oleochemicals but this webinar helps the auditors and give a better understanding of all the processing possibilities.”

Webinar participants were also from Australia, South Africa, Austria, Switzerland, Pakistan, Nepal, Singapore, India, Albania, Ireland, Oman, France and Ghana.

Qua covered a lot of ground and spoke on the vegetable oil market, oleochemistry, oleochemicals and the oleochemical market. During the oleochemistry section he also covered health aspects related to the various fatty acids. In the oleochemicals section he used a shower gel as an example, starting from palm kernel oil to the final product. He touched also on new processes with a focus not only on bioproducts but on bioprocessing as well as new catalysed processes such as metathesis which use and produce both oleo and petro chemical products. Qua views oleochemical processes as versatile rather than complex.

Some comments were “The presenter is excellent. He made a dull topic very interesting.”
“Useful as an introduction. Thanks”
“Perhaps a little too short, with contents being too simplisitc.”
Participants wanted more information on the challenges, processes and market, faced by the industry which unfortunately the speaker went through quickly due to lack of time. 

IChemE = The Institution of Chemical Engineers
AOMG = ASEAN Oleochemical Manufacturers Group
RSPO = Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil
BESIG = Biochemical Engineering Special Interest Group (IChemE)
POPSIG = Palm Oil Processing Special Interest Group (IChemE)
MPOB = Malaysian Palm Oil Board

To view the photos, please click here and click "download" for presentation slides by Ir Qua Kiat Seng.





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