AOMG Energy Awareness/Planning Workshop - January 20, 2015, Renaissance Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

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AOMG  energy managers came together to review the energy situation in their country as well as their organizations. There were 13 participants from 9 member companies. Besides presentations from members there were also invited speakers.


Ir KS Qua from IChemE briefed participants on the situation in the EU viz the EU Energy Efficiency Directive and elaborated on the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) in the UK. He pointed out that the IChemE is an approved authority to award the ESOS Lead Energy Assessor status. He informed participants that IChemE is establishing an Energy Centre to give the chemical engineering community a credible voice in the energy debate. The Centre will launch with simultaneous events in the UK, Malaysia and Australia by the end of March.

Energy Efficiency Policy in Indonesia 

Netti Sumarta from PT SOCI MAS after an introduction zoomed in on government regulation no. 70/2009 on energy conservation where energy users of more than 6,000 TOE per year are obliged to implement an energy conservation programme. In 2013 up to 108 industries and 60 buildings are participating in the programme with energy savings generally  obtained by no or low cost measures. The programme requires the appointment of certified energy managers amongst other requirements.

Introduction to ISO 50001: Energy Management System

This was delivered by Mr Shaiful Azmir Abdul Rahman from SIRIM QAS International. ISO 50001 was published on 15/6/11 and assists facilities in evaluating and prioritizing the implementation of new energy-efficient technologies. He pointed out that one of the reasons industry is not more energy efficient is that facility engineers rarely become CEOs so it is not given priority. With ISO 50001 the approach is structured and not ad hoc and can be integrated with other management activities including 14001 and 9001.

It was discussed that whilst in the UK, ISO 50001 is the alternative to ESOS, in Indonesia it is not to 70/2009. Ir Dr Kannan said that the energy planning authorities in Malaysia are considering ISO 50001 as an alternative to any energy saving scheme.

In Malaysia there are 16 ISO 50001 certified companies.

The Uplift Certified Energy Manager Course 

This was presented by Sabar Sitorus of PT SOCI MAS. Edward Sihotang of PT Ecogreen Oleochemical also assisted. They have both attended the 4 ½ day course. The training was organized by PT. TÜV NORD Indonesia in cooperation with Swiss German University and in partnership with HAKE*, University of Indonesia and University Gadjah Mada supported by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. Covering 12 modules it is a general course.

*Institute for Professional Certification Experts Energy Conservation Association (LSP - hake)

UNIDO Capacity Building Program in Energy Management System

Ir Dr K S Kannan from UNIDO spoke on the Industrial Energy Efficiency for Malaysian Manufacturing Sector (IEEMMS) which is a UNIDO-GEF Project. (GEF = Global Environment Facility). There are two main focus areas viz

-          Energy Management System (EnMS)
-          Systems Optimization

He says that most energy efficiency achievement is through how energy is managed rather than through the installation of new technologies. Therefore he applies ISO 50001 and his objective is to build capacity in Malaysia to do this. The approach is train-the-trainers targeting companies top management, enterprises’ staff and consultants with ½ day awareness, 2 day user and expert training respectively. Whilst experts are being trained companies can engage with them for free for an improvement program that lasts up to 14 months.

For systems optimization there is the 2 day user, ½ day vendor and expert training. These training programs are also free.

Dr Kannan’s presentation was very well received because he shared many examples.


This session was chaired by Tan Boon Teck from PT Musim Mas. Dr Kannan remained for the discussion

1.      Certified energy manager

As this is local to Indonesia, under the present circumstances the Indonesian member companies will pursue this at their own pace.

2.      ISO 50001

All participants will consider ISO 50001 and said that they may go sooner if it was customer driven. Kannan suggest that green labeling may also be a pull factor. Some participants were attracted to the integration with ISO 140001 and 9001.

3.      UNIDO

a)      In Malaysia members have good experience with IEEMMS. Pan Century has hosted the systems optimization program for steam system with good results whilst FPG found the pumps training program in Penang to be very good.

The MOMG should liaise with Kannan and Vicky has agreed to follow up on this.

b)      In Indonesia PT SOCI MAS through its parent PT SINAR MAS wanted to host an expert programme but could not find an expert yet. Ecogreen’s experience is that unlike Malaysia the Indonesian UNIDO expertise is more in buildings than industry.

c)      There is no ASEAN UNIDO offering at the moment, only by country. When the experts capacity building is complete, AOMG can hire these experts to conduct training for members

d)      Kannan has offered to conduct the ½ day Awareness Seminar for AOMG top management. The objective is to buy in EnMS, System Optimization (SO) and project technical assistance. We will put this to the AOMG Exco meeting on 2/3/15.

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